Download the Updated Creatures 1 Carrot

Download the New Carrots for Creatures 1Get out those gardening gloves! The final version of the updated Creatures 1 carrot is ready for download, and I’m sure the Norns and Grendels have already lined up to get a taste! This project was announced several weeks ago, and I’m thrilled to be able to release the carrots. Of course, credit is due to a number of wonderful people who helped out with CAOS, suggestions, and beta testing. These include Amaiakokonut, Grendel Man, Jarle S., LoneShee, Malkin, Nutter, and Shoy. Thank you for everything! Now, onto an overview of what to expect with this updated version of the carrots!

  • Invisible Seedlings: Immature carrots are now completely invisible and will not create confusion
  • New Seedlings: Upon being eaten, carrots are replaced by brand new seedlings in the garden
  • Amount of NFP Decrease: The level of NFP decrease is now 30, rather than the original amount of 70
  • Number of Carrots: There are now 10 carrots in the garden, instead of the usual 8 carrots
  • Dropped Carrots: Dropping carrots now includes a random variable so they can point left or right
  • Carrot Stubs: Carrots will now briefly turn into stubs after being eaten, to simulate actual eating
  • Sprite File: The download includes a new sprite file with improvements and two new poses
  • New Bitmaps: Existing bitmaps now better simulate growth so baby seedlings do not sit on the ground
  • Garden Area: Carrots now grow in a slightly smaller area within the garden to improve placement
  • Vertical Growth: Seedlings use a variable y coordinate so they are no longer in a perfect line

Note that upon install, the carrots will grow quickly in order to fill up the garden. All future seedlings will grow at the normal rate. This was an excellent suggestion from LoneShee so that you won’t need to wait forever to enjoy the carrots!

Download the Creatures 1 Updated Carrot (Version 1.1)

Removing the Carrot Confusion for Norns and GrendelsIs this an absolute necessity to enjoy Creatures 1? In many ways, yes! I’ve also included a short video to illustrate some of the main problems with the original carrots, and how the new ones work. So far, it seems like these updates help keep Norns and Grendels on track when it comes to eating! Those who “forget” how to eat later in life are actually pretty smart: They’ve learned that pushing food only works part of the time, so they move onto other actions (like “look” or “pull”) to find something that works all the time. Grab this new Creatures 1 download and see if it makes a difference in your world! I hope it does: The carrots are the first in a series of C1 improvements!

This is my first completed COB with some new CAOS coding. Hurray! However, if you find any issues, please feel free to report them! My beta testers were wonderful and helped fix a few things. Hopefully all works well!

Comparing the Creatures 1 Carrot

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