The Mysterious C1 Submarine

One of the biggest mysteries in my world has revolved around the disappearing honey pots. If it was a glitch in the game, I assumed that it might also make other items disappear, which hasn’t happened. Each time I travel around Albia, I check in every nook and cranny to locate just one honey pot. Up until now, I had come up empty-handed: Literally! However, I had overlooked something huge, something monstrous: The submarine.

After a nice little clean-up, I located a piece of cheese, a carrot, and three empty honey pots! There are still numerous honey pots missing, but I’m much happier now that everyone can at least enjoy a little honey every now and then. Those bees had to have been confused about what to do about all that extra honey! Nothing beats the instant satisfaction that a little honey can offer a Norn: This treat creates wonderful photo opportunities! Upon further thought, though, it struck me that the submarine was crafted in such a way as to look like a dangerous fish. The side windows are outlined with what look like sharp teeth, and the round windows almost look like giant eyes. When the Shee left Albia, did they know something about the water that no one else does? Perhaps there is something lurking…

On the other hand, the Shee simply have had a sense of humor, and wanted the submarine to represent a hungry fish ferrying Norns back and forth underwater. All I know is that it is apparently the ideal place for Norns to drop their food! I highly recommend right-clicking all along the floor of the submarine if you find that something is missing in Creatures 1: Chances are, you’ll stumble across something!

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