Download the Updated Creatures 1 Grendel

This baby Grendel has a smile a mile wide to celebrate a momentous occasion! One might notice that she looks a tad bit different from other baby female Grendels from Creatures 1. After toiling away with every individual image included in the baby female Grendel sprites, I am happy to announce that I have completed the first version of the updated C1 Grendel! The easy route would have been to simply rearrange a few images, but I chose a longer project that involved copying and recoloring all of the male Grendel sprites. More work means better results, though!

The fixes are not limited to just the babies, though. The adult female Grendels also received a makeover using the adult male Grendel sprites as a template. This has also vastly improved the posture of female Grendels: Now that they have identical sprites as the males, they also have identical body data. This was already true for the adults, but the update includes fixes to the baby female Grendel body data. Can’t let the boys have all of the fun here!

I have plans for an additional version in the future, with even more updates. In particular, I would like to update the female head sprites and body data: Note that these have remained unchanged with this version. Head placement is slightly off for the babies and adults, while there are a few extra pixels floating to the left and/or right of the head in different poses. Never fear: I will be working on these! Also planned are new senior sprites for males and females.

I hope these updates will vastly improve the appearance and movement of C1 female Grendels! I did some testing myself, but please feel free to let me know if any issues arise. I have a feeling some body data may need to be tweaked for baby males and females, but this current batch of updates should fix the major problems associated with the Grendels! I also included a couple of sprite updates for the male Grendels: They involve a minor update to one of the hand sprites. Stay tuned for the next version and round of updates, which will hopefully finalize the Creatures 1 Grendels! Have a wonderful time with these Grendels!

Download the Creatures 1 Complete Updated Grendel

All .att files are body data files, and should be placed in the C1 Body Data folder. All .spr files are sprite files, and should be placed in the C1 Images folder. These are meant to update already installed .att/.spr files.

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