Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I apologize for my lack of activity over the last week or so. Work and other activities sucked up my time, which was not all that fun. I’m looking forward to returning to Albia and watching everyone grow up some more! I expect to have an update over the weekend, or at the very latest, early next week. Seems like everything that needed to be done crept up on me, but I would rather be fully engrossed in C1 than have it running in the background. I do enjoy keeping a watchful eye on everyone and following their lives closely!

Moe posted a great question in response to my last post about Olennia’s mutation. With only two infertile males in the world, the females pretty much have no chance of becoming pregnant. I plan on exporting Noric and hatching a male Norn from the hatchery. I hate to do it, since he is the oldest remaining Norn, but he will be returning to the world after the male-to-female ratio is a little more proportionate. Actually, it’s the fertile male-to-female ratio that matters most! Rafin might also be exported so that there will be two fertile males in the world, but I’m hoping that just one can do the job! What a position he’ll be in: The lone male to associate with five or six fertile females! That’s quite the life.

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