Keeping the Creatures Community Alive

The Continued Love of CreaturesThe updated C1 lemon certainly had its day in the spotlight, which turned into a week! Summertime fun and my birthday kept me away from Creatures for a short time, yet it gave me some time to reflect. I constantly receive wonderful messages from people who have taken the time to thank me for keeping Creatures alive. Of course, I turn right back around and send the thanks to everyone who shares my love of the games! It’s been so long since the initial release that Creatures can now appeal to several generations of gamers. Yet it’s sad to see that so many sites have been lost over the years. Even these adorable images were hiding away in archives!

I was saddened by the recent retirement of Designer Genes, as well as Kezune’s decision to leave the community. I wish her all the best and hope that she will eventually return, if the time is ever right! Yet this is not the first time someone has had a negative experience with a particular Creatures site. What we seem to have lost over the years are all of the small sites and individual content. Although it is useful to have a central location for certain aspects, it’s become increasingly clear that not everyone is welcome in the biggest part of the community. It’s a sticky situation, since many Creatures players can only be contacted through this particular site. I don’t mean to jump on a soapbox or point any fingers, but the behavior of certain staff members is extremely detrimental to the Creatures community. What motivates many of us to play are the interactions we share with others. Chase someone out of the community, and that can ruin Creatures for that person. I know, because this happened to me. I lost all interest in playing because I was reminded of how poorly I was treated. Thankfully, I focused my efforts on Discover Albia and rediscovered my love of the game through the comments!

Sharing My Love and Passion for CreaturesWhere does this leave us? We’re in a slightly precarious situation. Creatures is not as young and exciting as it once was, and it’s important to welcome all players into the community. Everyone makes mistakes, and I hope that the few individuals behind these negative experiences understand that their personal motivations are harming the community. All in all, I simply want everyone to get along and enjoy Creatures! The love and passion we have for the games are unparalleled. I appreciate everything that this community has accomplished, and I thank each person who has made Creatures what it is today. Let’s make sure that we have many more decades of Creatures fun to share with every player, new and old!

Images Credited to Gameware Europe

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