GOG is Good to the Creatures Games

GOG Big Fall Sale on DRM Free GamesFinding working versions of the Creatures games can be a challenge, since most of the CD versions won’t work on newer operating systems. Luckily, there is one awesome site that has Creatures 1, Creatures 2, Creatures 3, Docking Station, and even Creatures Village available for sale: Good Old Games (GOG)! Today marks the start of the Big Fall Sale, with discounts on hundreds of games. These major sales usually encompass a wide variety of games, although Creatures may or may not be included. I try my best to announce discounts for our beloved games, but be sure to check in each day yourself! Regrettably, I missed out on posting about a deal on Creatures Exodus that happened last month. Yet the game got a great shoutout from Piran Jane of GOG’s Twitch stream:

Piran Jade enjoys many things. Those include 90’s cRPG, jRPGs, Hoppity Hops and Creatures Exodus. Like, a whole lot. “Creatures Exodus is THE sandbox-virtual life sim for me. You set the goals yourself, you modify the world with all the great user-created content out there, and do whatever you want. Want to breed colourful Norns? Do it. Longliving? Fighters? Illness-resistant? Go for it. Or just let the game run overnight and have a look the next day at what happened. By the way: Creating a proper biome can be just as exciting as breeding Norns. You can also breed Grendels, or Ettins, or rainbow sharks…”

A Chance to Save Even More on the Creatures Games at GOGWhat a perfect way to describe the game! Maybe Creatures will make it into a GOG Twitch stream at some point. The standard game pricing is really quite reasonable. I remember shelling out about $40 USD for each game when they were released. Even without a discount, each game bundle is just $5.99 USD, which is discounted even more when the entire series is purchased! GOG is a wonderful place to pick up many different games, old and new, although I mostly recommend it for the Creatures games. Wouldn’t want to encourage abandoning those Norns for other games. Ha ha! Enjoy playing!

Images and Quote Credited to GOG.com

Full Disclosure: I participate in the GOG affiliate program, which means that I earn a portion of sales generated from the unique links around Discover Albia. My motivation for recommending GOG is almost entirely based on their excellent customer service and policy about providing DRM-free games. Even without the affiliate program, I would still point Creatures players toward GOG for game purchases. Keep an eye out for more deals in the future!

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