Worst Review of Creatures 3

It’s funny to browse the internet for older previews and reviews of the Creatures games, since there are bound to be horribly low reviews. I was surprised to find that the majority of reviewers gave Creatures games relatively high marks. With the versions that work on newer computers, I will fully recommend Creatures to anyone looking for a unique game!

What I found utterly laughable, but painful to read at the same time, was the Creatures 3 Review at Eurogamer. It’s basically a complaint about the graphics and sounds within the game. There is absolutely no mention of the complex genetics, behaviors, or artificial intelligence aspects. One line starts off saying “The idea behind the game isn’t exactly original…” What?! The review was written in early 2000, but Eurogamer brought the review to the forefront again with the announcement of Creatures being added to GOG.com. I’m surprised that they did so, since a little bit of research would indicate that the review was based off of very little information.

I wasn’t so upset over this appallingly low score as I was over the complete lack of information about the game. The only mention about breeding and successive generations is related to a warning about how Ettins are known for stealing essential items for breeding programs. What about all of the rich and complex genetics and artificial intelligence that have driven Creatures throughout the years? The graphics and animations may not be the most advanced, yet I always thought that they were unique and ahead of the times.

It’s basically a very poorly put together review that doesn’t give the game justice. There are multiple comments pointing out how ridiculous this review of Creatures 3 is, which just goes to show how alive the community still is! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but game reviews should still offer readers the full picture. This particular reviewer could have come to the same conclusion while still including full information about all of the mechanics in the game. This just makes it sound like a sloppy version of a computer pet that gets annoying after a few minutes.

Well, that was a little more of a rant and rave than I expected! Still, with the ways in which Creatures can be revived via the GOG.com collection, it’s important to give potential new players the best information.

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