The Haunting of Albia

Creatures and the Halloween FrightsHalloween night is a time for frightening spooks and haunted stories. Plus a lot of candy, but we’ll set that aside for the moment! The Albia of Creatures 1 is a rather happy place, with barely anything to fear. The only strange ornament is the pumpkin head in the garden. Do you know the story of the haunting of Albia? That scarecrow was originally a statue of a Shee, yet a group of mischief making Norns turned it into a mockery shortly before the Shee left Albia in disgrace. That face slowly turned more and more evil, as if it was alive and channeling the feelings of the hidden Shee statue.

The Bats of CreaturesWhen Albia’s volcano erupted, it split the world and changed the entire landscape into what we see in Creatures 2. Was it a coincidence that the eerie scarecrow disappeared? Most were just happy to explore the newly uncovered areas! Yet the tremors let loose a colony of bats, who were none too pleased about the collapse of their cave. Asleep by day, their nighttime swooping can still be heard throughout Albia. Some even believe that they’re much more than mere bats… Even the tiniest sound from an Albian bat is something to run from in the pitch black of night.

The Giant Spider from AlbiaAll of the radiation from the volcanic eruption is now contained, but much of it escaped in the early days. A seemingly harmless spider lives near the volcanic vents, weaving her web and devouring any unlucky passersby. The question that many Norns have is how she has survived for so long. No other arachnids live on Albia, yet this one appears to be biding her time. Her ghostly green eyes are quite spooky, giving rise to speculation that she might even be some sort of mutant ghost spider. Certainly not a critter to trifle with, even for the bravest of Grendels! At least she only eats insects… For now.

The Haunted Eyeball in Creatures 2The greatest evidence of a haunting presence can be found in one of the largest trees in Albia. That little yellow orb isn’t some sort of fruit: It’s a floating eyeball! Although it appears to belong to an endlessly changing chameleon, the ghostly truth is that it is this eye that can manifest into other forms throughout Albia. This is the reason why many Ettins refuse to ride the lifts, preferring to suffer through the unbearable heat of the volcano. This eye might not be able to see every part of Albia, but its gaze casts a wide net. This is no ordinary mutated eyeball, though, since those are oh-so-common! The Shee engineered many inventions, both mechanical and genetic, during their time, and this seems to be one of their lasting contributions to Albia.

A Halloween Mystery in AlbiaPerhaps the most sinister area of Albia is the misty swamp. Although it sits on the border between a vibrant garden and the volcano, it sustains no life. Except for a dog, who may be wanted in the questioning of the death of several ants. This damp and dreary spot almost feels like ghosts stir in the fog, waiting for the next unsuspecting Norn. Despite its natural beginning, it sits in a cold area devoid of the sun and warmth. No one stays for long in the swamp, except for that mysterious dog with a murderous tendency towards small bugs! Or maybe he’s innocent, and an invisible force is to blame…

A Vastly Improved Face of Fright in AlbiaMany locations in Albia seem to be haunted, but there is one that is most certainly so. The Shee statue stares out menacingly, and is a much more imposing figure than the pumpkin head. It sits in a lair, prepared to scare the socks off of anyone who dares to enter! This is the force behind everything eerie and spooky in the land of Albia, for one very Halloween-inspired reason: Nobody dresses up a Shee statue! The next time your Norns, Grendels, or Ettins happen to pass by the Shee, remember not to bring anything reminiscent of the Creatures 1 pumpkin scarecrow, for fear of a real haunting. Have a very safe and spooky Halloween!

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