Happy New Year to the Creatures Community

Warm New Years Wishes for CreaturesDecember simple flew by, and the holidays kept me quite busy with little time for Creatures. At least my Norns and Grendels need not worry about being neglected for much longer! Regular updates will be returning very soon, but I just wanted to quickly wish everyone in the Creatures community a Happy New Year! It’s amazing how long these games have gone on for, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store. Keep those creative ideas going: There are still plenty of ways to improve Creatures, even if that “improvement” is simply entertaining! New people are still discovering Creatures, too, which is awesome.

The Infamous Creatures 1 BeehiveA couple of notes from around the community while I’ve been away having a lovely holiday season: All of the 2013 CCSF news and downloads are now available. Thank you, Rascii! Grendel Man released a pair of wonderful holiday downloads at The Realm, which certainly look interesting and unique! And lastly, I missed out on a very fun daily event hosted by Ghosthande. Luckily, The 12 Days of Creatures Christmas is available to everyone with some wonderful holiday goodies! Might even convince me to pick up C3/DS again in the near future. I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays, and I wish you all the very best in the upcoming year! Here we come, 2015!

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