Unlocking Creatures Family Trees and Secrets

A Peek Behind the Discover Albia CurtainOne of the more difficult aspects of Creatures 1 is tracking family lines. With the genetic modifications completed for the next generation, I took a moment to look at what I was doing. What a mess! Spreadsheets can be wonderful, yet I let the one I was using get out of control. Follow along to learn a little more about the reorganized spreadsheet I’m now using, which is about a hundred times better! Why the padlock? There is a little secret project that has been semi-brewing in my mind, and it’s about time to get a little more feedback. No worries: The hatching of the next C1 Norns and Grendels is just around the corner!

Beyond Creatures Birth CertificatesMost of the time, registering a Norn’s name is the only action necessary… And often it isn’t required, depending on your playing style! Creatures 2, Creatures 3, and Docking Station have ways to track families through the generations. Granted, these are not always easy to navigate, yet they do exist. In Creatures 1, you’re lucky if you can locate a Norn’s parents on his or her birth certificate. This typically isn’t an option for me since I hatch eggs through the Genetics Kit, often with modifications. So what is one to do? Unfortunately, there aren’t too many options available. I started off with my mess of a spreadsheet, back when it wasn’t such a catastrophe! Even among all that mess, though, I managed to keep track of everything I needed. I also lacked the foresight to separate Norns from Grendels, so my incessant posts came in handy when I needed to be sure who was who.

After a bit of tinkering, I came up with the following spreadsheet. It still isn’t the easiest thing and doesn’t link up relatives like a family tree does, yet it works for me! This is integral to understanding what happened in a generation. Recording the number of children for each Norn also helps when I decide who to hatch for the next generation. For example, Pathun only had one child. Will that baby be in the next generation? Certainly! And Brekennion was one busy bee…

Using Spreadsheets to Track Creatures 1 Family Lines

Feel free to copy this style if it works for you! Other things I might have included are which breed slot each Norn’s body parts use, the actual date and time of birth, and mutations. However, those are fairly well-documented throughout Discover Albia. I use that search function more than anyone else, I’m sure! Hleengar and Zelroo are missing information about their parents because they were first generation Norns introduced to add variety to the gene pool. I ended up missing the life spans for most of my Grendels, but there is an identical spreadsheet to keep track of them all, too!

The Diverse Creatures Community and a Possible New Forum

Last year, I posted the survey results related to Creatures activity. That never went anywhere, at least in terms of anything that could be seen! We have a wonderful community surrounding the Creatures games, and I appreciate all of the kind messages I’ve received over the years. Thank you! I still have an idea for a way to encourage more Creatures activity, and I’ve been brainstorming how to go about it for awhile. It all comes down to one question: Does the community want a new Creatures-related forum and, if so, what would it entail? A forum seems like the best platform for the idea I’ve bounced off a few people privately. It entails points, prizes, and a lot of encouragement to enjoy Creatures in different ways.

I’ve been toying with the idea of having a forum solely devoted to this concept, or opening a forum for the concept plus other areas to discuss Creatures. I should note that if this forum happens, it would be solely dedicated to Creatures and have a G or PG rating in terms of language and topics. I’ll admit it’s strict, yet I remember when I was introduced to Creatures as a young child. I try to keep Discover Albia safe for players of all ages, and that would follow through to a Creatures forum. It’s not for censorship, though: Merely a way to give everyone a safe place for discussions.

What do you think? Would you be interested in a new Creatures forum, or are you happy with what the community currently has? Feel free to share your opinions! I have plenty of other Creatures projects to work on, so it’s not a problem if this seems like a not-so-great idea. I tend to have those fairly often. Ha! Jump on in and leave a comment!

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