An Enormous Update to CreatureLink

I would like to thank you Rascii of Creatures Caves a million times over for his programming work on the new and improved version of CreatureLink! Now hosted at Creatures Caves, it boasts one-time downloads for each Creature and a way to more easily track Creatures throughout the generations. It’s also much easier to see which community members are linked to a certain Creature! I always envisioned CreatureLink to be something similar to the C3/DS warp that linked players and Creatures. Hopefully this major update makes it a much more positive experience! Stop by the new site now to check out the first few uploads! C3/DS Norns will be added next, with many more additions planned for a diverse selection of adoptions!

What do you think of the new CreatureLink? It’s now easier than ever to upload descendants! For those who were familiar with the old model, the only major change is that all uploaded Creatures must be the children of a male and female adopted from CreatureLink. Hopefully this will be more of a benefit than a problem, though. Rascii did an amazing job pulling this together, and I’m forever grateful to him for making such a vast improvement. Keep an eye out for more CreatureLink uploads, and make sure to upload your own after adopting!

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