Docking Station Galaxy Mascot Contest Winners

Special thanks to C-Rex at Docking Station Galaxy for the wonderful fan art! I participated in the recent mascot contest, and I was thrilled when one of my submitted Norns, Quirin, won! Along with Galen, the two have made one adorable mascot pair. Make sure to read all about C-Rex’s adventures in C3/DS! I look forward to seeing how the mascots fare, and what their children will be like. This awesome drawing makes me want to attempt some Creatures artwork, but I do believe it could turn out to be a disaster! Body parts would most likely end up in the wrong places, and a Norn might very well look like a monster. I admire everyone who enjoys drawing Norns, Ettins, and Grendels. Thanks again, C-Rex, and good luck with Quirin!

Image Drawn by C-Rex: Do Not Use Without Permission

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