The Community Scribble Metaroom

I would like to point everyone in the direction of AquaShee’s brilliant idea for a community activity: The Community Scribble! The idea is deceivingly simple: Come up with doodles or scribbles of elements of a new metaroom. Many of these drawings will eventually be combined in order to create a true tapestry that represents a collective effort! Artistic skills are not necessary: The emphasis is on the scribbling part!I am already hard at work on some of my own scribbles. Right now, background objects like rocks, trees, weather, and patches of ground are needed. I challenge everyone to send in at least one scribble during the Community Scribble! Grab those crayons and colored pencils, and scribble away! Imagine what future Norns, Ettins, and Grendels will think.

Thanks to AquaShee for this wonderful and amazing idea to bring us together! I will be following along very closely, and hope that this project will be a success. Take advantage of this fun and unique way to be a part of a major event!

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