Download the Complete Updated Creatures 1 Grendel

As promised, this weekend should be an exciting one for Creatures 1 Grendel fans! I am very pleased to present the final version of the updated C1 Grendel, for both males and females. Now both genders can enjoy walking around correctly and having a generally more polished appearance! Not sure what to expect? Have a look at this quick Creatures video to get a better idea of the updates! As always, feel free to contact me with any problems or suggestions. I hope this release will be enjoyed by many! I will be converting these updates for use in C2 and C3/DS in the future. I apologize for taking so long… The little issues cause such big problems sometimes! Have fun with these Grendels, and keep an eye out for more Creatures 1 fixes soon!

The Complete Updated Creatures 1 Grendel

Download the Creatures 1 Complete Updated Grendel

All .att files are body data files, and should be placed in the C1 Body Data folder. All .spr files are sprite files, and should be placed in the C1 Images folder. Please be aware that these will overwrite any existing files.

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