Awaiting the Arrival with Two Grendels

Adaon soon found himself looking eye-to-eye with Arianllyn, who quickly grew to match her friend’s size! As with most Grendels, they made a precious couple in their little hideout on the island. Arianllyn was fond of stealing the honeypot right from Adaon’s hands, but he simply saw it as a form of flirting. At least she showed no interest in carrots! Adaon huddled close to Arianllyn: She had taught him many words, yet theirs was a language without words.

Sure enough, that language soon came together in the best possible way: An upcoming egg! Arianllyn’s silhouette was a little off in the Breeders Kit, but there was no mistaking her pregnancy. I often don’t know about Grendel pregnancies because they’re not represented in the Observation Kit. I usually have to see an egg before I know much of anything! This time around, I had a feeling that Adaon and Arianllyn would want to start their own family pretty soon. This upcoming addition changed little between them, although she seemed a little perplexed about what was going on. Adaon stayed close to his beloved, though, and was determined to help her in any way he could. Granted, that mostly boiled down to being the victim of several slapping fits and listening to Arianllyn’s endless chatter. All the same, they were a joyful couple of Grendels whose fates were already bound to one another. It would only be a matter of time before they had an egg to guard.

With so much to think about in regards to impending fatherhood, Adaon slipped away for a few minutes to get in a short nap. This new world was a far cry from his old days when he was living in his music room all alone. I realized that this small cavern boasted nothing in the way of instruments: A little trumpet would soon make its way to Adaon. His soft snoring made all the music, though! He was such a wonderful Grendel, and Arianllyn was sure to see all the good in him.

At the moment, however, Arianllyn wasn’t seeing anything! She fell into a deep respite as her pregnancy took its toll on her. She was already eating everything in sight, though it did little to keep her completely happy. For all her tough Grendel looks, she was still a little fearful about this strange egg. It all took a lot out of her! Luckily, Adaon was not about to go anywhere to leave Arianllyn lost in a world of loneliness and fear. She slept comfortably knowing she would never be alone.

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