Unexpectedly Unusual Events in Creatures 1

Tired and alone, Orgoch was hardly one to play any games when I tried to lift her spirits. Friendship came in the form of a very unexpected guest: A bee. For just a few fleeting minutes, Orgoch followed the bee all about the garden. Amazingly, there were no painful stings to soothe! Just watching this interesting critter was enough to make her a happy Norn, and for once, she was less alone than ever. Orgoch also mastered the art of beekeeping in Albia… The secret was to observe, rather than poke and prod. As the bee flew off to its nest, Orgoch gave it a fond look of farewell.

I was ready to bid farewell to any bees, but I was totally unprepared for the next death. Taran fell to the clutches of old age at a mere 7 hours and 50 minutes. His was the youngest death of this generation, and about the third overall. He had ten children to carry on his line, but the sad part was that there would never be a final reunion between him and his beloved Orwen. They had parted ways forever.

Fortunately, Orwen was in a happy mood, for she was oblivious to Taran’s death. She still napped constantly, waiting next to the cable car for his arrival. Her dancing was bittersweet because her smile was comforting, yet I knew that she would be crushed to know that Taran would never again meet with her. Orwen acted like a young Norn again out of the blue, and I hoped that in some way her cherished Taran was watching over her. Try as I might, though, she refused to leave the cable car landing. She was never one to give up hope.

I suddenly realized that Arianllyn’s egg was probably about ready to hatch! I quickly scanned the area for it, but to no avail. The kits indicated that Arianllyn had laid the egg, yet I was puzzled over where it was. Then, literally out of the blue, I spotted it in the sky! A bird was even flying by, curious over this unusual orb in clouds. Stranger things had happened in this glitched world, but a Grendel egg in the sky was the icing on the cake!

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