Notes and Such from Around the Creatures Community

There are always new and exciting things to find in the Creatures community, but with a lot happening lately, I wanted to take a moment to highlight a couple of important new developments. Naturally, I’ve most likely left out some things that have been going on: It’s the nature of our ever-changing and imaginative community! Nothing was intentionally left out… Blame it on my old mind, which aged another year yesterday. Comments are always open, so feel free to share anything and everything else related to Creatures!

  • Creatures 1 at Discover Albia: This is more of a personal update. The latest C1 posts have not sparked as much interest as those involving my C3/DS world. In no way will I be abandoning this world: The focus will temporarily shift towards Creatures Docking Station. This will also give me more time to work on the updated C1 Grendel and do some extensive testing. Genetics lessons and case studies may also be coming out related to Creatures 1, but the actual world and the drama within will be taking a short break. Everyone will be back in action sometime in August!
  • Guest Downloads at The Grove: The Grove is a forum owned by TreeSprite, which has housed many downloads for the Creatures titles throughout the years. Its unfortunate feature has been how only registered members could access these downloads, yet new user registration has been down for quite some time. Thanks to a post by JTGibson on the GOG forums, guest downloads have now been enabled! Have a look through these treasures that are not always easy to find.
  • A Birthday and a Release from Grendel Man: Grendel Man celebrated a birthday earlier in the week! And to stand out, he was the one offering the gift to us! The Moonshadow Grendels V2 are an awesome new breed for C3/DS that come in both Banshee and regular Grendel sprites. They’re quite unique, and Grendel Man provided an excellent explanation. Try them out soon!
  • A Finished Chione Background from Mea: There is an amazing metaroom being worked on at the moment, and Mea recently released a screenshot showing off the Chione Background. I was amazed by it! Every time I look at it, there seems to be something new to find. We still have to wait for its actual coding and release, but it shouldn’t be terribly long until that happens!
  • New Blogs from GrayDragonEmily and SpringRain: When I see a new Creatures blog, I usually get a little too excited. Even better: Two new blogs have started up within the last couple of weeks! Emily’s Observations is all about Creatures Docking Station and a group of mainly Grendels, while SpringRain’s Creatures Blog details the lives of an interesting population of Horse Norns in C1. Everyone plays these games differently, and it’s nice to read and see what goes on in these worlds!
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