Encounters from Around Albia

By the shores of the Albian sea, Llyan succumbed to old age at 12 hours and 59 minutes old. She missed the thirteen hour mark, though she took the crown for the longest lived Norn of her generation. She had lived a fulfilling Nornish life, complete with plenty of honey and hours spent smiling. It was still a sad moment to see her go, but I was prepared for her passing. She had eight eggs to carry on her legacy, which was not a small number! Chances were good that she would have at least one child in the next generation. Rest in peace, Llyan: You shall be remembered.

Despite the loss of her only friend, Orgoch was in much better spirits than usual! I convinced her to eat a little bit of honey, which perked her right up. What I failed to capture was her near death experience with the deathcap mushroom: I trusted her enough to leave her for awhile, and I was caught up with my other Norns and Grendels before I realized that her life force had plummeted to 25%. It fell to 13% before Orgoch finally agreed to eat a few carrots. Crazy Norn! Apparently the most senile of the species grew forgetful of these dangers. Maybe she was just caught up with her loud eyeshadow!

Taran was a pile of shivers every time I found him. Poor fellow! I couldn’t help but wonder if he needed his own personal blanket to run around with. It wouldn’t do much for his genetic mutation, but he seemed like the perfect candidate. Orwen successfully laid their most recent egg, while Taran took a little time to get to know the bees again. Suffice to say it didn’t end too well! He gave up his shivering for flinching. Orwen watched from agar and gently shook her head over her beloved’s antics. Luckily, the bees weren’t too nasty to him!

In the most unexpected place, Arianllyn and Adaon finally met one another and realized that they were not alone! Arianllyn took the submarine and a few lifts to get to the lower level of the desert island, while Adaon left his music room behind and traveled beneath the ocean. The little female was taking a little longer to age, which made her wonder why Adaon was so much larger. He just looked like an overjoyed teddy bear! There was plenty of time for them to become close friends, yet they were inseparable from that first instant.

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