Sleep Toxin: A Blessing in Disguise for One Norn

On the quiet docks of Creatures 1, I found Orddu enjoying a short respite. She was one of the older Norns of the world, as her delicate wrinkles endlessly revealed! Although she had stayed with Melyngar for a long time, Orddu had set off on her own as of late. There was more to her sleeping than a simple nap, as I was soon to find out. Before I realized what was going on, it struck me as odd that she had only laid two eggs. Perhaps Orddu was a picky Norn, or one who just enjoyed her solitude more than usual!

Something nasty had made its home in Orddu’s system, and she was soon in a fight for her life. Her antibody level is not pictured here, but it increased at an alarmingly slow pace. The only positive from this illness was its lack of histamines, which meant it was not contagious. Orddu kept to herself anyway, yet it was still a good piece of insurance! Sadly, I could only convince her to eat a single carrot before she drifted off into a fit of sleep brought on by sleep toxin. Her life force was slow to fall, though, and it only fell to about 50%. I stayed with Orddu as much as I could, though I dared not wake her from her sleep. Her lack of activity actually helped her out, for she used up less energy. At such an advanced age, I questioned whether she would manage to pull through this illness. It seemed plausible.

Alas, Orddu took her last shallow breath while she was asleep, and then she was gone. She lived for 11 hours and 43 minutes, which was quite impressive. She mainly kept to herself, although I would always have fond memories of her bright smile. More details will be forthcoming with a CrEd32 tutorial, but I was able to confirm that Orddu passed away from old age, and not as a result of her illness. It was a blessing in disguise at the end, for she was able to pass away quietly in her sleep. Rest in peace, Orddu: You will never be forgotten.

The time was about right for me to start parting with many Norns. I still expected Llyan to be the next to go, but it was Melyngar who succumbed to old age. Fortunately, Llyan went up the lift to bring the lone Norn into her small group. Llyan and Orgoch had a somber moment as they took a final look at Melyngar. She had suffered from extreme hunger for hours, and I was glad to see an end to her suffering. Despite this, she lived for 12 hours and 25 minutes. Only two eggs could be called her own, but she would live on. Farewell, dear Melyngar, and may you never feel the pain of hunger again.

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