Three Little Boy Norns

Three little boy Norns… And the first was named Rexli. He was about as close in appearance to his father as possible, and he also inherited his very friendly personality. Rexli quickly took to the Norn Meso like a truly adventurous firstborn! His two older brothers were far taller than he, yet Rexli was convinced that he was the leader of them all. His tiny voice boomed with determination, in a rather squeaky way! There was nothing to keep him from trying to become the next alpha male. Even if he failed to be the first to breed, he was insistent on his dominant position within the group.

Three little boy Norns… And the second was named Santyn. His appetite quickly took control, and his newborn teeth were soon tearing apart apples, carrots, and tuba plants with an unparalleled fervor! He was content to leave his older brothers with the task of figuring out who would be the leader. After all, their focus on such trivial matters left more food lying around for Santyn to enjoy! I had a feeling that if gluttony could be shown physically, he would be sporting a proud tummy! Lots of food made for one happy Norn without a care in the world.

Three little boy Norns… And the third was named Tebblim. He was to be the last of the brothers. Although he was just a few minutes younger than Rexli and Santyn, he was somehow a social outcast right from the beginning. His brothers had far more pressing matters to attend to than welcoming in another small addition. Luckily, Tebblim was content with living on his own! The world was a big and scary place, but he swallowed away his fear in one gulp. Tebblim ended up the most balanced of his brothers for a time, thanks to his fear of nothing!

With a total of five healthy boys to compete for the coveted alpha male role, Belisa and Raefim found that their time had quickly come to an end. They separated for a time while Raefim ensured that the next generation was filled with a decent number of females: Five from him, as well as a new first generation female. When the alpha couple was reunited, there were only happy things to be said amongst them, as well as a fair share of new eggs! It would soon be time for a new generation, a new alpha couple determination test, and a new environment to call home. Oddly enough, nearly every young Norn boasted a Civet Norn head… As much as I thought the Hardman Norn head had taken over, I hoped that it would become a part of the next alpha couple, if only for diversity. Maybe Rexli, Santyn, or Tebblim would be that alpha male!

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