Awakening from a Vacation Nap

I was about ready to burst with anticipation as I finally found some time to play Creatures after returning from vacation! I was greeted by my firstborn Norn of this generation… Apparently Astrapia needed a little more time to wake herself up from the long virtual nap she had endured! Her sadness was swept away when she opened her eyes and found the hand nearby with a gift of food. The desert island boasted a few more amenities than usual, such as more food and toys, but I wondered what brought Astrapia to such a lonely place. Perhaps she simply wasn’t ready to meet the other Norns, who had handily stolen the spotlight. Could this be a case of Norn jealousy?

Little Blackcap left his childhood friend, Cotinga, to venture off on his own. Those tiny legs made him huff and puff after a little while, but he gasped in surprise when he discovered a new friend! I was rather surprised, too. Adaon had vanished from all corners of the world: The silly Grendel was simply resting comfortably near the temple. Blackcap figured he could play with the ball by simply tapping it, but Adaon tried to show him how a crushing blow made for a much more exciting experience!

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