The Rhythm of the New Grendels

Although Adaon’s teleportation trick was still a mystery, he settled in quite nicely in the Albian music room. His tiny fingers wove a beautiful tune on the harp, though he was not opposed to producing some unfiltered noise from the drum! Although he was only a little bigger than the red instrument, he still managed to create his own little beat. It was a rather lonely place, but my frequent visits kept Adaon lively and happy. He even picked up a few words, yet I still hoped to lead him to learning computer one day.

I anticipated the need to bring Adaon to Arianllyn… Imagine my surprise when I found her traveling in the underground cart! Her shy phase was quickly overshadowed by a curiosity that brought her all over the world. Perhaps she would end up bringing the learning computer concepts to Adaon. I could hardly wait to see their initial encounter! Both imagined that he or she was the only Grendel. In all actuality, they had yet to meet any Norn. Nearly everyone was still crowded on the island, oblivious to the new additions. Silly Norns!

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