Adaon’s Day Out

With a burst of courage and curiosity, Adaon decided to finally brave the new world outside of his music room. I was rather surprised to discover him away from his home: It had been so cozy and familiar! Adaon’s first stop occurred at the beehives. He was fascinated by these tiny black and yellow critters that flitted about. He started to back away once he realized that they were in no mood to be bothered! Adaon was wise enough to know that one or two stings meant business, and he carefully threaded his way back towards the lift. Farewell, busy bees!

A rather crabby bee pursued the intruding Grendel, and Adaon quickly escaped. However, it had been a rather shocking experience for him. His frightened expression shared all the fears he had about leaving his music room. Seeing the wide open sky and the new sights was far too much for him. Despite being just one level away from his sanctuary, Adaon was lost. Albia was huge in comparison to his corner of the world! This journey was made even more difficult by Adaon’s solitude: Not a Norn, nor a Grendel, had made his acquaintance yet. I was proud of him for taking a chance all on his own. To combat the loneliness, I spent a moment with him to boost his confidence again. No sense in turning back just yet.

With a sudden lurch, Adaon thought the ground had given way beneath him! It was all safe, though: Just a little cart beneath the waterfall. He was fascinated by this sight, and without any risk of pain, he watched the water cascade all around him. This was a wonderful spot for a growing Grendel to enjoy! The fresh air brightened his mood, and I could see how he thought that exploring might not be a bad idea. Some Norns had passed through this area recently, which would make for an excellent way to meet them. Adaon pondered this move, apparently wondering if it was the right thing to do…

I left him to this decision, and returned to find him nowhere near the waterfall. The slow drone of a Grendel snore led me straight to Adaon, and the music room! He curled up next to his favorite instruments, and held his honeypot close to his chest. Some homes are just too wonderful to leave! Adaon was one independent fellow whom I often worried about, yet he was never one to be affected by loneliness. His harp and drum offered all the company he needed for the time being. Perhaps he would find a living friend someday soon!

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