The Case of Far Too Many Eggs

I last left off with a teaser stating that either Kyrena or Felria was pregnant. In the flash of an eye, Raefim managed to meet up with all three females! Kyrena looked rather worn down from her pregnancy… I had a sudden influx of eggs to attend to, which made it all feel like some sort of Norn egg factory! Sometimes C3/DS Creatures tend to reproduce a little too quickly, which often creates a lot of extra work.

Belisa, the alpha female, had just a single egg to lay. I hoped a friend for Anterrik would emerge, but instead I spotted the emerald eyes of a female. She looked just like her father, though there really were very few physical differences between her parents. Iliana was whisked off to the export folder, although she managed to enjoy a few tuba plants before leaving the world. CreatureLink is in the midst of some changes, and Iliana will be just one of many Norns to be added when the time is right!

Kyrena’s three eggs were the first to hatch. Her Apple Norn appearance genes could hardly be drowned out! It seemed like Raefim’s Civet Norn head had a tendency to be passed along a little more often, though. Jastial and Ladres would carry on their mother’s line, but they had not inherited her beautiful head. Little Keero looked a little more like his mother, though! His place was not in this world, though, and I hoped he would find his true place soon.

Next to hatch were Felria’s two eggs! Mippin was astonished by the new world around him. Luckily, he could hibernate a little longer inside the exported folder! Nysari was a spitting image of her mother, right down to the tip of her tail! She helped ensure that the next generation would have a decently varied gene pool.

In all the excitement and time it took to hatch all of the eggs, Belisa decided that it was time to throw two more my way! She still had just one son, which meant that the alpha male succession test was virtually pointless. Previous generations had seen up to two males die during childhood and adolescence, so it seemed foolish to leave all of the hope with just Anterrik. The first egg revealed a female named Otaffi. From the second egg came the face I had been hoping for! Palzar was overwhelmed with all of the new sights and smells in the Norn Meso, but he had his wonderful older brother to help him out. Hopefully sibling rivalry would not come between them!

Before I had a chance to forget, I introduced the new first generation female to this generation. Quenix was a Yautja Norn, and she would provide a host of unique genes… Not to mention a very unique appearance! All of the other females had Civet Norn heads, which made their name tags all the more important. Quenix was welcomed into the group rather warily, but her spots let her blend right in! I hoped the others would warm up to her soon and form some friendships.

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