Tales of Norn Wings and Other Mysteries

Oh, Euphonia. Is there anything not wrong with this picture? I had to disregard the horrible split body issue, which is something on my project list to fix. As I tried not to cringe over this blatant problem, I realized that it looked like Euphonia had sprouted a pair of Norn wings. Not quite! She had actually met the secret guardian of the underground cart. It was none other than a Mama Mushu! I was far too occupied with the upcoming events to take another photo of this silly Norn, but I found her back with that silly piece of cheese! The last time we saw her, she was staring at that piece of cheese with the deepest of expressions. And even though her appetite was quite ravenous, she dared not devour it. Would it ever be eaten?

With all of the Norns and Grendels in this world already full grown, it was clearly time for a new addition. This birth was the tenth of fourteen Norns to be used as part of this generation. Oddly enough, building up the next generation was not a priority for any of the Norns. Rather unusual, but it did give me time to teach the newest member of the world! Meet Pipit, the son of Kaw and Melyngar. There is one very glaringly strange thing about him… Can you solve the mystery? I shall save a discussion of his genetics for an upcoming post. There are only two genes to discuss, anyway, one of which involves a brain receptor mutation.

Astrapia found herself all alone in the music room. Adaon, the Grendel, was smart enough to head off to devour an entire honeypot on his own. The quiet, alone time stirred something deep down in Astrapia. After listening to all of the melodies that Adaon had made with the harp, she decided it was time to march to the beat of her own drum! That is precisely what she did. It was a rather crazed display of musical passion… Astrapia looked like she was possessed by the spirits of other great Creatures drummers! If Astrapia could have suffered hearing loss, I was pretty certain she would have achieved it!

The only main concern I had was Junco. His genetic combination had caused him to eat just one carrot during his entire life. Despite his slow starvation, he never felt hunger and was nearly always happy. Arianllyn took an immediate liking to him, and forged another Norn-Grendel friendship. That empty hootch can had nothing to do with their celebration: It had been emptied hours ago, and was simply a reminder of the former party! Not wanting to give up hope on Junco, I still tried to help him eat from time to time. At just about the two and a half hour mark, his life force was at approximately 35%. Would he live much longer?

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