Discover Albia Activity Survey Results

A Mix of Every Sort of Creatures PlayerAfter collecting responses for about two weeks, I would like to thank everyone who completed the Discover Albia activity survey! There were a total of 31 responses, which was more than I expected! Plans are underway to bring some new features to Discover Albia, although I will say that the goal is to encourage activity everywhere in the community. I have a lot of behind-the-scenes details to work out, so I’ll keep things very secretive for now. Word has it that there could be a couple of announcements within the next few weeks, though… In any case, I wanted to share the results of the survey with the Creatures community. Not all of the questions are included here, but those not featured will still be used in my planning. Each question had a purpose, after all!

Finding the Important Survey Results

Which Creatures game(s) do you currently play?

96.77% play Docking Station
70.97% play Creatures 3
45.16% play Creatures 1
29.03% play Creatures 2

About 80% of respondents play more than one Creatures game. However, if Creatures 3 and Docking Station are grouped together as one game, then only about 50% of respondents play more than one Creatures game. Finally, about 16% of respondents play all of the Creatures games.

How often do you play Creatures in a typical week?

54.84% play 1-5 hours
19.35% play less than an hour
16.13% play 5-10 hours
6.45% play more than ten hours
3.23% never play*

* This single response included a comment that the respondent will sometimes play for weeks straight, but at the moment is not usually playing Creatures unless he/she has an interest to play.

Keeping Artificial Life Alive and Well

How often are you engaged with Creatures per week?

45.16% interact 2-3 days
22.58% interact 0-1 days
19.35% interact 4-5 days
12.90% interact 6-7 days

For this question, “engaged” meant not only playing Creatures, but also developing/drawing/writing and visiting Creatures blogs/sites. In effect, it was meant to understand the community’s activity level.

Do you have a Creatures blog/site?

67.74% answered no
32.36% answered yes

Many responses included opinions about what would help start or maintain a Creatures blog. Check out some the myths of Creatures blogging, which are partially based on the survey responses!

Would you participate in monthly Creatures events?

83.87% answered yes
16.13% answered no

Which of the following activities would you be interested in?

64.52% chose picking a Creature to take part in a wolfling run
58.06% chose creating your own breeds, agents, and more
58.06% chose following world concept suggestions
45.16% chose answering Creatures trivia
41.94% chose drawing your own Creatures art, sketches, and more
38.71% chose writing your own Creatures poems, stories, and more
29.03% chose solving Creatures-related puzzles
19.35% chose making and uploading your own Creatures videos

Would you enjoy short videos that answer Creatures questions?

41.94% indicated they would watch them
38.71% indicated they would submit questions and watch them
12.90% indicated they would not be interested*
6.45% indicated they would submit questions

* Several of these respondents commented that videos do not necessarily interest them, although they could see the use of them for others. In a more general sense, almost 90% of respondents would enjoy this feature.

How would you rate the current activity level in the Creatures community?

2.94 average rating

This question was on a scale of 1-5, with one star being the lowest and five stars being the highest.

Flying Forward with the Creatures GamesIn the end, I would label this survey a success! Many comments brought up interesting points, and it was wonderful to see how alive our community is. What does it all mean? Generally speaking, two new features have enough interest to warrant moving forward with them! One will remain fairly mysterious, although I’ll hint at the fact that a lot of the activity-based questions were based on it. The other feature can have a slightly unofficial announcement! The Creatures Game Help and Solutions section has never received any submitted questions, so I started to think that maybe this format could be long-winded and confusing for some types of questions. Discover Albia will soon have a short video series, mostly geared towards helpful or funny topics that can be answered in less than five minutes. Get ready for some more fun!

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