The Beginning of the CCSF 2011

This year’s Creatures Community Spirit Festival (CCSF) has begun! For those who are not aware of this event, it is the community’s annual celebration of Creatures. For 2011, the CCSF will run from November 1-14, for two weeks of excitement! New releases are made available each day, which include agents and COBs, downloadable creatures, artwork and graphics, fictional pieces, and much more! Make sure to visit the CCSF 2011 each day!

Surprisingly, this is the first CCSF that I will be participating in. I can not wait to see the new releases each day, and the first day already includes some very interesting downloads! Make sure to share the spirit of the festival through November 14th! I also contributed a few things this year: Keep an eye out for them!

Discover Albia will be participating in the CCSF 2011 Blogathon Challenge, with at least one daily entry each day during the festival! I encourage anyone who enjoys writing about Creatures to join the blogging community: There are some excellent blogs out there, and I always enjoy reading about what others are doing in C1, C2, and C3/DS. I would be more than happy to help anyone get started! I’ll even help out with blog layouts.

Our community is small by most standards, yet I feel like our group is one of the best out there. We continue to create and develop for a series that last saw a new title about a decade ago. All along, though, I have always felt that it is the community that has kept Creatures alive. This is a unique series of games, and one that has not been topped. Thanks to everyone who has worked on this year’s CCSF! And a huge thanks to the community for keeping Creatures alive!

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