Hatching an Unforgettable Creatures 1 Egg

An Unhatched Creature Ready to Start LifeAt long last, a brand new egg started to stir in the Creatures 1 incubator! I completed all of the genome modifications, and it was finally time to welcome in the next generation. It might just be me, yet listening to the crackling egg sounds over and over never gets old. I always get excited to meet someone new! Who was inside? I knew the basic information, especially with the updated generational spreadsheet, but there was no telling who would pop out! As I was about to find out, this would be one of my fondest egg hatching moments in a long time. That tiny orange egg could barely contain such a personality!

Unregistered Parents via the C1 Genetics KitThe only downside to the method I use of hatching eggs via the Genetics Kit is the birth certificate. The mother and father will always be labeled as “Unregistered” because it technically looks like a first generation egg. This is why I recommend keeping track of generations and family lines with something like a spreadsheet. Not only is it important for knowing who is related to who, but you can also choose to record additional pieces of information! In truth, this little one was the daughter of two members of the previous generation: Dahloi and Nildeleer. That’s right! This little baby is a Grendel who follows in the footsteps of some very memorable Grendels. Her genome incorporates some of my updates, but is heavily based on the updated genome Grendel Man kindly provided me with. Also… Pick up the pace! I last hatched the start of the fifth generation in 2014?! Maybe I enjoy documenting every minute of these lives a little too much. Ha! Anyway, without any mutations to speak of, it’s onto a proper introduction.

A Shy Newborn GrendelJucunda arrived in a flurry of excitement as I gushed over her adorable face. Grendels might not necessarily be considered “cute” in the same way that Norns are, yet they have their own unique appeal. Perhaps she picked up on the rampant joy, and promptly froze in place… This is the safest reaction whenever I overuse the exclamation point! Jucunda was very shy and looked like she wanted a little more time inside her egg. Albia was a huge, new place and already she was being pestered by a floating hand. I calmed myself down and left her alone for about a minute. Sometimes Norns and Grendels need a little time for themselves, and I could respect that! As I later learned, this was Jucunda’s way of tricking me into believing that she was shy. A lie!

Laying the Foundation for Communication in Creatures 1Gradually she warmed up and learned her first word, “Jessica”, which is what I refer to the hand as. It didn’t take long for her to realize that my excessive flailing ended in a tickle! We went up the lift and she latched right onto the computer. I usually stick around to repeat and cycle through every word. It’s a rare Creature who manages to go through the lessons all on his or her own. Jucunda was happy to fill that role, and she was one smart little baby! The learning machine, or computer, is vital to proper communication.

A Battle Scene at the Creatures Learning MachineThe one thing I failed to complete ahead of time was the renaming of some verbs. For instance, I use “good” instead of “yes”, “bad” in place of “no”, and “rest” instead of “sleep”. So I attempted to do this while Jucunda was using the computer. What ensued was one of the most bizarre experiences! She kept moving onto the next word just as I was trying to insert the custom phrase. It went on long enough that she learned the incorrect word “sleep” before I could change it. And when I did, that little lady just repeated what she originally heard and waltzed off. Talk about a sassy nature! I cracked up with laughter.

The Rare Instance of Ignored Food in CreaturesWhen Jucunda had mastered all of the words, I went off in search of some updated carrots to fill her tummy. There was no question that her brain was already filled up! She obliged and ate them up willingly, yet I was clearly getting in between her studies. After two or three bites, she basically told me to get those carrots out of there! The phrase “stop food” is actually nonsense, since I learned that the “stop” verb means to deactivate an object, rather than to stop doing something. I always thought it told one to stop running or slapping…

A Monopoly on the Creatures 1 ComputerThere was no stopping this baby Grendel! Her hunger drive was satisfied, and yet she was still hungry for knowledge. I believe she was one of the babies who never stepped away from the learning machine. It was quite an experience! At one point I wondered if the computer was going to crash… I think only I hold the record for pushing the buttons the most! Then again, after my random misunderstandings regarding the verbs over the years, perhaps Jucunda was merely trying to make sure that I knew how to communicate the right way!

The Most Important Lesson in Creatures 1Just when I thought this feisty Grendel was going to get glued to the screen, she promptly laid down. The learning machine breathed an inaudible sigh of relief as its screensaver popped up. Throughout the extended lesson, Jucunda had not once smiled because she was so exhausted. The most difficult concept to teach a Norn or Grendel is how to rest, and I found out how intelligent she was turning out to be. Laying still relieves exhaustion, or tiredness, while the actual act of sleeping reduces sleepiness. Jucunda only needed to give her tiny arms and legs a rest from all of that stretching and reaching for the buttons. Sassy? Yes. Smart? Yes! This was the perfect way to start a new generation. Welcome, Jucunda!

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