Out of the Incubator, Into a New Generation

A Grendel and Her Rather Uninteresting ToyI could hardly top the exciting start to life that Jucunda experienced! She finally saw the logic in giving up the learning machine… At least for a short time. We took a short journey down the lift so she could see what else Albia had to offer. Incidentally, she was rather baffled by the toy ball. Bouncing it didn’t really suit her. Instead, Jucunda left it in front of the fire to see if that might do something. I suppose it was her way of experimenting, although there was no chance that anything would happen! Still, she was curious about this new object and acted like she was lost in her thoughts as she considered what it could do.

The Bright and Colorful Side of New Life in CreaturesWith such a curious Grendel plodding about, I knew she couldn’t be alone for too long. In an instant, Jucunda was ready to scratch her head when a very large, bright object appeared before her. She was really interested in it! Eggs need a bit of a scripting update in Creatures 1… I watched her go through the logical path of trying every type of action. She pushed it. She pulled it. And then she attempted to stop it, all in vain. This was a real conundrum for the young Grendel! I let her examine it a bit more before I whisked it off to the incubator. I was excited to see what would happen when this new baby met Jucunda. Would she enjoy having a friend to teach things to? Or would she turn out to be a more solitary intellectual?

Jucunda the Grendel and Her Curious SideI was met with an adorable sight as Jucunda followed me over to the incubator and watched the egg intently. Norns and Grendels typically ignore eggs and the incubator, so this was another rather peculiar sight! Jucunda was clearly going to be one amazing Grendel. I also noticed a few little touchups I could do on the Grendel sprites at this point… Yet I had to pull myself back and remember that my project list has a bunch of shorter term goals I need to reach! Like my Grendel, I could easily get lost in learning new things… But I would be stuck in front of the screen and likely disappear. Too bad I couldn’t assign some tasks to Jucunda. Surely she could write up an entire assessment of the Norn genome and learn CAOS, right? Not quite, especially since her attention span showed how short it was. Before the egg could catch, she headed off to find something else to study.

A Happy Birth in Creatures 1Meet Auratum! This little Norn probably doesn’t look very familiar, and that’s correct: She’s a fresh first generation Norn who will bring some diversity into the appearance gene pool. What a happy Norn she was right from the start! Jucunda was nowhere in sight, but it’s often nice to give a newborn a little space. After all, it’s a pretty traumatizing event to suddenly be kicked out of the safety of an egg! For those wondering about this generation’s naming scheme, the Grendels take their names from calla lilies and the Norns are named after varieties of lilies. I love lilies!

The Art of Sleeping in AlbiaAuratum was very cooperative and traveled right up to the computer to learn the language. Although she wasn’t as consumed by the strange machine, she picked up the words quickly. Meanwhile, Jucunda was doing some learning of her own. She taught herself the most important lesson of all: How to sleep! Norns and Grendels actually have to learn this on their own, as there is no direct method the hand can do to force this. There is no way to punish an active Creature who refuses to sleep, and apart from suggesting it with the “sleep” verb, it’s all up to that individual. I wasn’t surprised that Jucunda picked up the skill early on, though! The only downside was that she stayed still even when she woke up… And promptly took another nap when she got too bored. It will take her a few tries to get it completely right!

Mingling Fear and Excitement in a Creatures MeetingAs Auratum summoned the lift, I tensed up with excitement to see what would happen when these two ladies met. It turned into a staring contest for about a minute as they tried to figure out what to make of the other. Auratum made the first move and tickled the Grendel, while Jucunda took a little longer before she reciprocated. Still, they seemed a little wary about one another. The verdict? This image. I couldn’t help but smile! Auratum looked overjoyed to have a companion while Jucunda wanted to run away. Maybe they couldn’t be classified as instant friends, yet it wasn’t the worst meeting between a Norn and Grendel I’ve witnessed. Jucunda was probably upset about the computer being used without her!

Incidentally, this marks the 800th post at Discover Albia! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing so much, and hopefully it’s been a fun journey for you to go through at least some of the posts. If you’re looking for something else to do, please feel free to share your feedback regarding a possible new forum. I’m always trying to make sure that Discover Albia offers up something for various Creatures players, and comments are always appreciated! Thanks to those who have followed along with these posts so far: Here’s to a happy future filled with Creatures for everyone!

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