Interspecies Confusion in Creatures 1

A Norn and Grendel Sharing Honey and SecretsOne of my favorite types of friendship in Creatures 1 is that which forms between Norns and Grendels. I still remember the first few times I played the game and avoided those “evil” villains at all costs! The Grendel Friendly COB completely changed my mind, and I was thrilled to see how Nildeleer and Mayth were quickly becoming inseparable. They even shared an entire pot of honey! However, there was one major downside to how the game treated these two different species. In a nutshell, it failed to recognize the difference in one key area.

Kisspopping is the Creatures way of breeding and creating tiny little babies. Norns paired up with other Norns is a good thing, as are Grendels paired up with Grendels. There is an issue in Creatures 1 with the line between species. Norns and Grendels are able to kisspop together, yet there is no chance of ever producing a mixed Norn-Grendel egg. It might seem like that doesn’t pose a problem, yet I often discover that male Norns get very attached to female Grendels, or vice versa. This can lead these Norns and Grendels to stop seeking out members of their own species, thus making it very unlikely that they will have any children of their own. I have a feeling that it would be rather simple to code something to fix this issue in Creatures 1 so that Norns and Grendels could still be very friendly, but would never be able to kisspop.

The Apparent Melding of Norns and GrendelsAs much as the blurred species line caused me concern, it did have its funny moments! Athahain and Dahloi were another such interspecies couple who were very fond of each other. They decided to give me an idea of what a Norn-Grendel cross might look like, complete with two heads! Such funny ones they were. Athahain was still very wary of other Norns, and seemed like she hadn’t yet found anyone whom she liked. I was certain that she would know the right Norn when he came along!

Note that interspecies breeding in Creatures 1 can be simulated with the Grorns, which bring the Grendel sprites into a Norn breed slot. All of the Grendels in my world are standard Grendels, though: No Grorns here at the moment!

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