What Happened to Creatures?

Creatures the Albian YearsThere was a time when Creatures was filled with magic and discovery for many, including myself. There was always something to enjoy about the series, and an entire community to share those experiences with. So many of the new additions to the Creatures games never would have been possible without all sorts of cooperation! Yet something happened this year… Creatures, and the community itself, appeared to have lost that unique spark that kept everything going for so long. Several events made me seriously question whether it was even worth it to continue participating in the community. And in the time when everyone comes together, during the Creatures Community Spirit Festival, the annual celebration shut down after just a few days with no word since. I dug through some archives and read through some old blog posts, and found that the magic of Creatures was not completely lost for me. My love of the games is still very strong!

A Harlequin Norn in SurvivorWhat, then, is the problem? My motivation to play often comes to a screeching halt for one main reason: Projects. Those have been put on hold for an undetermined amount of time to let the usual storytelling posts become a focus again. I will likely be much less active in the community so I can simply enjoy Creatures again! For so many years, this series has been a part of my life. And it will continue to be.

I also discovered that the CCSF 2013 web site was removed, for unknown reasons. All of the content is still available by searching around, but there is no longer a central location for all of the news posts. There do not seem to be any plans to change this, so please keep in mind that all previous links to the CCSF 2013 web site no longer show content for last year’s Creatures Community Spirit Festival. Just a heads up, since it was a bit of a surprise when I stumbled across it!

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