Planning Ahead for a New Creatures Feature

An Inspection of What it is to Play CreaturesEarlier this year, I posted the survey results for a series of questions about how Creatures players enjoy the games, and what events might encourage more activity. I’ve hinted at some ideas throughout the year, but ran into some trouble with planning out just how to put together a special feature. As I’ve continued to work out the details and make sure that it will function, I stumbled across a thought: The Creatures community doesn’t have many forums. Back in the day, there were all sorts of chats, groups, and message boards geared towards the games. Now, there are just a couple.

The Value of Multiple Channels for Creatures HelpThis isn’t to say that we absolutely need another channel of communication: It’s not like Creatures players can’t interact at all! Yet a forum would be a practically perfect way to implement this rather secretive feature I’ve had in mind. Another part of this could include a section specifically for answering Creatures questions, although I’m not looking to do too much with it. Is a new forum something that you would be interested in? This is still all in the planning stages, and I’m in no rush to release anything! It’s just a thought, particularly so that I can move forward with the idea of monthly Creatures events. Feel free to share your ideas for or against a new forum!

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