A Few Updates to Discover Albia

Keeping Up with the Changes at Discover AlbiaThere have been a few minor updates to Discover Albia over the past couple of days, and I wanted to take a moment to share those… Along with some news about some bigger projects! Starting off with the small stuff, many may notice that now the main pages have eight total posts, rather than the usual six. This should make finding new updates a little simpler from the home page, and also reduce the need to scroll through a ton of pages. Judging by the frequency of posts here, though, there are still a ton of pages! I’m also in the process of finalizing the last few downloads that haven’t yet been posted here.

Perhaps most importantly: Google AdSense ads have been removed! I was mostly testing out the features of this program, and pretty much just earned a bunch of cents over the years. Posts should now load a little faster, and more content should be seen closer to the top of each page. Less scrolling is always good! Note that my videos may still feature advertising. There is a new program that should be implemented soon, yet this should be a lot less invasive. In fact, you can see it in action over at The Arch! Hopefully no one will mind seeing ads for purchasing the Creatures games.

News About Discover AlbiaGoing back to my post about the next steps for Discover Albia, we’re pretty much on track! The only game I’m not covering right now is Creatures 2, due to its common crashes. I have a few more community features to write about soon, though! Other projects may be moving along a little slowly, yet I would rather spend more time planning these things than throwing content out there. More videos about Artemiidae will be coming soon, plus answers to questions submitted to the Creatures Hive. I’ve been a little sidetracked with learning CAOS and implementing some updates for the C1 carrots. Luckily, that project has been going pretty smoothly, especially with the help of a bunch of people who will receive lots of thanks when the download is available! Keep an eye out for a beta testing opportunity this week, provided all goes well with my final checks. The only requirement is that you be familiar with Creatures 1 and have a general idea of how the carrots currently work. No CAOS skills needed, although they are welcome! Stay tuned as Discover Albia continues to grow!

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