An Early GOG Gift: 70% Off the Creatures Games

Take Advantage of Creatures Game Deals at GOGThis winter has proven to be a very busy one, but luckily I should have time for Creatures beginning again in the next couple of weeks! I apologize for this rather spotty posting record lately. As I started to catch up on responding to comments and e-mails, I discovered that this weekend is a great one for those looking to get back into Creatures, or to experience the series for the first time. All of the Creatures games are on sale at GOG until 10:59 AM GMT on December 22! This is another limited time sale that shouldn’t be missed. This is often a good time to stock up on any gift codes… Speaking of which, it might be time for a little giveaway soon! I seem to amass the gift codes and then forget about them.

The description of this weekend promotion, titled Wayback Winters, seems perfectly suited to how I think of Creatures:

Way back when winter days were the longest of the year, when time stood still in anticipation of the holidays: of the time off from all responsibility, of flashy, shiny new fun, and of pure, undistilled, childlike wonder. That’s when we would truly game, become wholly immersed in the games we play – uninterrupted by daily troubles – shaping our tastes and forming the fondest of memories. Our Weekend Promo will take you to these Wayback Winters, where our childhood classics and retro stylings are king.

All of the Creatures Games on GOG for SaleThis sale has a very hefty discount of 70%, putting the entire series at an insanely low price tag. Creatures Village is sometimes a game that players are on the fence about, yet anyone can still pick up C1, C2, C3, and DS for a very low price! I love Creatures dearly and I’m completely biased, yet I still think they offer a deep, immersive experience that rivals many newer games. Some players have had some luck with getting the CD versions to work on newer operating systems, but the GOG versions are the most stable. There are only a handful of problems I’ve run into, and the community usually solves any technical issues. Enjoy!

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Full Disclosure: I participate in the GOG affiliate program, which means that I earn a portion of sales generated from the unique links around Discover Albia. My motivation for recommending GOG is almost entirely based on their excellent customer service and policy about providing DRM-free games. Even without the affiliate program, I would still point Creatures players toward GOG for game purchases. Keep an eye out for more deals in the future!

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