Download the Updated Creatures 1 Lemon

Fixing the Garden of Albia with New LemonsAfter another fairly short beta testing phase, the Creatures 1 garden is ready for another improvement! I spent quite some time learning some new CAOS to implement with the lemons, and it’s finally time for their release! Although these might not include such striking differences when compared with the C1 updated carrot, the lemons are now devoid of their original problems. Norns and Grendels should no longer be confused about interacting with and eating the lemons. The only downside to this update is the fact that this may have fixed the flying lemon glitch. What can you expect with the new lemons?

  • Growth Cycle: A fully functional growth cycle simulates actual fruit growth
  • Invisible Buds: Immature lemons are completely invisible and will not create confusion
  • New Buds: Upon being eaten, lemons are replaced by brand new buds on the trellis
  • Amount of Hunger Decrease: The level of hunger decrease is now 60, rather than the original amount of 50
  • Amount of NFP Decrease: The level of NFP decrease is now 20, rather than the original amount of 10
  • Amount of Starch: The level of starch is now 60, rather than the original amount of 50
  • Amount of Pain Increase: Lemons no longer include any pain increase, which hindered learning how to eat
  • Number of Lemons: There are now 6 lemons on the trellis, instead of the usual 5 lemons
  • Dropped Lemons: Dropping lemons now includes a random variable so they can point left or right
  • Lemon Leftovers: Lemons will now briefly turn into leftovers after being eaten, to simulate actual eating
  • Sprite File: The download includes a new sprite file with improvements and new poses
  • Growth Area: Lemons now grow in a more randomized manner to simulate real growth

Note that upon install, the lemons will grow quickly. All future buds will grow at the normal rate.

Download the Creatures 1 Updated Lemon

Turning Lemons to Gold in Creatures 1The lemons were the only other main source of confusion surrounding the food items. This improvement is highly recommended, if only to try out the new lemons! The growth cycle certainly turns the trellis into a much more beautiful spot in Albia, and creates an environment that looks a little more alive. The video I created to showcase the difference before and after the updates was slightly derailed by my two tester Norns, who were really quite stubborn! Getting babies to eat is challenging in itself, yet I’ve noticed much better eating habits over time with these new carrots and lemons. Grab this new download, and be sure to keep an eye out for more upcoming improvements for Creatures 1! Last but not least, special thanks to my lone beta tester, Chris!

Feel free to report any issues, or leave a comment noting how these lemons affected your Creatures 1 world!

Comparing the Creatures 1 Lemon

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