Something Blue and Something Old for C1

New Blue Butterflies for AlbiaNearly all of my old Creatures downloads have been updated and added to the downloads page, but two have been missing for ages. Now I’m finally all caught up! Today features not one, but two rereleases! Up first are the Cloud Layer Butterflies. This recolored version originally came out during the CCSF 2012. This doesn’t introduce any updated scripts nor new behaviors, yet it does give the butterflies a beautiful new blue appearance! This download has been updated to take the Creatures 1 palette into consideration, so they should look better than the original version. Enjoy this reworked version of the C1 Recolored Butterflies!

Download the Creatures 1 Recolored Butterflies (Version 2.0)

The No-Mutate Norns for Creatures 1Next up is a set of old but useful genome updates. In the last genetics lesson, we looked at the interesting ways that duplicate genes work. There are so many ways a Norn’s genes can mutate that it’s sometimes surprising to find that they survive! Although Norns are very resilient and adaptable, sometimes it’s nice to stabilize a population and just focus on raising the Norns. The Creatures 1 No-Mutate Norns do just that: Their genomes have been modified so that the only genes that can ever change are the pigment genes. Nothing else can be cut, duplicated, nor mutated. These came out long ago during the CCSF 2011, and they might still be useful to you!

Download the Creatures 1 No-Mutate Norns

That finally completes the project of moving over my old downloads! Any posts about downloads in the future will be for brand new stuff, which I’m looking forward to. Although these two downloads aren’t amazing or very interesting, they’re special because they were some of my very first releases. It’s nice to look back and see where I got started. Enjoy!

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