A New Look for CreatureLink

I am very pleased to unveil a brand new look for CreatureLink! Not only did the site receive an upgraded appearance, but it should now be much easier to navigate. Several C3/DS Norns who were previously unadopted have been added again, and there should be a bunch of new Norns added by the middle of next week. Updates should be more frequent, and there are also plans to bring everyone together in the future with a few events. Enjoy the new site, and please feel free to adopt! There are a lot of Creatures 1 Norns who would love new homes, including a few with interesting mutations. Thanks to everyone who has become a part of CreatureLink so far!

In other Creatures news, GOG.com is having a 50% Off Sale on Creatures games this weekend! Creatures: The Albian Years and Creatures Exodus can be purchased for just $2.99 each. Make sure to take advantage of this wonderful offer and add these games to your collection before the sale ends on July 23!

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