An Interesting Creatures 1 Mutation

Although Albia hasn’t advanced through too many generations yet, I haven’t noticed any mutations. Diren possibly had a gait mutation affecting him as an elder, but I wasn’t able to confirm this before his death. However, there is now a very noticeable genetic mutation that appeared in Olennia. She actually progressed through her early life stages very quickly: Although she is about 10 minutes younger than Azdira, Olennia became a fully mature adult at about 40 minutes old.

Since the last two males in the world, Noric and Rafin, are almost completely infertile, I still check the breeder’s kit in the hopes that one pregnancy will take hold. With Olennia, I nearly jumped for joy when I saw a number in her tummy! Things didn’t add up, though: She was mostly spending time with other females, and if they couldn’t get pregnant after multiple encounters, it would be very unlikely that one of her first kiss-pops would result in an egg. I could actually see the progesterone arrow decreasing slightly, making me believe that she may have been the victim of a miscarriage. The science kit offered a more accurate picture of what was going on, although I was still a little puzzled. This was like a true mystery, and it was all unfolding inside one of my Norns. Not a bad way to learn and be fascinated with genetics! It was all rather confusing, though, and figuring it out alone required a lot of focus and concentration.

During this whole time, the observation kit stated that Olennia was not pregnant. However, as I checked the breeder’s kit over and over again, her progesterone level increased enough to indicate a more advanced pregnancy. Just as clockwork, though, her pregnancy number would decrease in conjunction with her progesterone. What an odd mutation! It looked like it could have some serious effects, one being that she would constantly remain “pregnant.” This was quite enough to confuse her entire system, along with me! Still, I had a little more digging about to do. Maybe there was something else to take a look at. Actually, there is almost always something else to find when playing Creatures 1!

Often, the science kit is the place to go to answer any questions regarding a Norn’s biochemistry. I just like the breeder’s kit for its simplicity and the little numbered egg in a female Norn’s tummy when she gets pregnant! I discovered Olennia’s genetic mutation in a heartbeat, though. Apparently, she always has progesterone in her system, which operates inversely to her estrogen level. Hence, the breeder’s kit always indicates she is pregnant because she has progesterone in her system. The major question is whether Olennia is capable of becoming pregnant and having a normal pregnancy. Are there any accounts of other Norns having similar mutations? I wonder if Olennia has any other mutations. On pretty much all levels, she is a healthy and happy Norn!

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