Interesting Details from the Creatures 1 Guide

Examining a Publication for Creatures 1Quite some time ago, I posted about how I was about to read through the Creatures 1 strategy guide. I actually finished reading it from cover to cover weeks ago, but forgot all about my findings! I found many inconsistencies, especially in relation to Grendels. Although I doubt anyone would be surprised by what was contained in the book, there were a few interesting pieces of information! In a nutshell, I found the following:

  • Grendel Rumors: There are 13 instances where Grendels are portrayed incorrectly
  • Viruses: Bacteria and viruses are mentioned, but only bacterial infections exist in C1
  • Map Differences: The printed map of Albia is not accurate when compared with the actual world
  • Albian Lobsters: They are pictured and mentioned as extinct (Possible COB idea I now have!)
  • Jellyfish: Stings are supposed to be deadly, but they don’t actually do anything
  • Testosterone: It is explained how this drops sharply after kisspopping, but this is not true

Planning for Creatures ReadingThere were plenty of other tidbits I found, although I’m sure others have read the guide! Next up is the Creatures 2 strategy guide. Although not as practical to me, since I rarely play C2 anymore, I remember this being a really interesting read from back in the day. Amaiakokonut annotated hers and shared some screenshots! These guides really are gems in my Creatures collection! Maybe we’ll meet someone from that collection soon…

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