A Little Update on the Big C1 Norn Project

After a good bit of work with the Horse Norns, they have been moved into the completed pile! These little guys were riddled with pink, purple, and green pixels. Their body shapes are also rather different from the other two original C1 breeds. I had a field day with their arms and legs, which might still get another few tweaks. The bottom line is that they’re improving!

Built on the same base, the Santa Norns only required a couple of additional tweaks! I purposely made this breed a little shorter and stouter to keep in line with their namesake, but they should still fall in line with the general Creatures 1 Norn image. Maybe more players will decide to use this breed! They’re perfect for around the holidays, but their appearance genes are nice to mix in with a population.

With this update, four out of the seven baby male breeds have been completed! The last three will require some extra time, since they have rather unique body shapes. I have made ample use of NornPose… Seems like I’m spending a lot of time lining up arms and legs than actually playing Creatures! I’m eager to post this download, however. And there might also be a reason why I’m delaying hatching another egg in my main C1 world! Chances are that we’ll meet a model who will be able to show how these updates improve the appearance of mixed breeds. Check back soon!

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