Swimming in the Right Direction in C3/DS

Swimming Around with a Colortrue Pearl Mermaid NornNo video update from Artemiidae just yet! I had some catching up to do in terms of hatching and exporting the second generation babies, and I had a feeling we weren’t in for an exciting time. The highlight of my visit came from Cerise Walkerie, a Colortrue Pearl Mermaid Norn, who was near death in the second video chapter. Fortunately, something turned on, and he was finally swimming around again! I couldn’t congratulate him on his eating habits, which were still lacking, yet I was excited to see him off of that sea ledge in Artemia Sea. Maybe I would be able to enjoy some uninterrupted aquatic music!

Two Very Different Grendels in ArtemiidaeThe last update also focused on introducing the newest inhabitant of the world: Another Banshee Hydrolisk. I had to keep hatching first generation males because my female, Opalescent Striata, was one violent killer! She was almost unrecognizable, though, since she entered old age and changed colors. Just another nice touch the breed! The young male was still under heavy fire from her constant slapping, but he was managing to get along. So far, it looked like he might outlast the others. I had a couple of Banshee Hydrolisk babies to import once Opalescent Striata passed on. I could only hope that her offspring would veer towards other activities, rather than inter-Grendel violence! All was pretty calm in the ocean, which only meant that we would be in for some excitement with the next video update. Stay tuned to see some more underwater life in Creatures Docking Station!

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