Pre-Release Aquatic Wolfling Run

With so much anticipation about the release of the Colortrue Pearl Mermaid Norns, I simply couldn’t resist hosting an aquatic wolfling run! Head over to Creatures Caves to find out all of the details and to sign up! If all goes well, my plan is to coincide the end of the wolfling run with the release of the genetic breed. Credit goes to Darby for hosting a similar C3/DS wolfling run that inspired me, and to KittyTikara for posting plenty of beautiful Pearl Mermaid Norns to download! I hope to post a live broadcast of at least part of this wolfling run, although other methods might be used. Showcasing the unique pigments of the offspring will be a priority!

The winner of this wolfling run will have their choice of three spectacular prizes! These include a unique Colortrue Pearl Mermaid Norn, a gift code for Creatures: The Albian Years, or a gift code for Creatures Exodus. Make sure to sign up over at Creatures Caves soon! I have not placed a cap on the number of participants, so there might be a few rounds. If all goes well, this should be completed by the weekend… Which will be around the time that the breed is released! Get ready for a fun-filled aquatic wolfling run, filled with plenty of colorful action. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!

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