Two Tails, No Tails: A Norn Tale from Artemiidae

Creatures Docking Station and an Aquatic WorldAlthough things are still a little slow around Discover Albia, I’m happy to announce that the next chapter of Artemiidae is ready! Since the last chapter, many of the Norns and Grendels grew up a little more. The biggest benefit is that this new video showcases the swimming abilities of this generation! Some unique mixes also have started to stand out, ranging from different color combinations to completely unexpected appearances! Some look a little sillier than others, yet that’s the beauty of having a population of different breeds. I even ended up with a really handsome mix with Violet Nijsseni, whose name I simply can’t pronounce!

An Artemia Grendel and Her JourneyIn the first generation, there wasn’t a lot of movement between the two main areas. However, this group already proved to be much more adventurous! It’s not just the Norns who had a taste for travel, though. I highly doubt we’ll ever see a mix between an Artemia Grendel and Banshee Hydrolisk, although there’s no reason for the former to check out every corner of Artemiidae! Moving between metarooms is still something that won’t happen too often, yet this world already features mixed breeds in the Deep Abyss, which started off solely with Coral Reef ChiChi Norns.

A Curious Norn in Creatures Docking StationOn a side note, the update for today was supposed to feature something commemorating the one year anniversary of the day that I adopted my parakeet, Kirkwood! However, we had too much fun with new toys and treats for me to finish up the little project. I’ll keep working on it for a later date, though. Luckily, Kirkwood was tired out and didn’t interrupt the video with his chattering! The Norns and Grendels threw in their own chatter to make up for that, I’m sure! They all had plenty to say in their own language, although it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

An Interesting Effect of Mixing Two Norn BreedsI discovered that mixing a Colortrue Pearl Mermaid Norn and a Reef Glider could result in a two-tailed Norn! This actually worked out very well, even though it’s clear that this little guy has a body that’s a tad too short… Looks like his arms are coming out of his ears! It’s kind of funny to see the not-so-perfect results of mixing different breeds, although they all find a way to work. Even the little guy without any back legs, nor a tail, can swim about with no problem! See if you can spot him in this video: He’s rather cute and funny. Enjoy!

Creatures of Artemiidae: Chapter 7

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