Watch Artemiidae Come to Life in a C3/DS Video

Pairing Up for Life in Creatures Docking StationI took a short break from Artemiidae so I could catch my breath before diving back into my Creatures Docking Station underwater world! The last update proved how difficult it was to capture every moment in still pictures. An aquatic scene has constant movement, after all! Although I didn’t catch my Norns and Grendels on a particularly interesting day, I did manage to capture them all in motion with a new Creatures video! My very devoted Colortrue Pearl Mermaid Norns, Tangelo Agassizi and Fuchsia Rhodeus, showed off their close relationship… And the reason why they already accounted for the majority of the next generation’s babies!

Hidden Norns in Creatures Docking StationMore than anything, this video should illustrate how the entire world is set up and where the inhabitants are located. It was difficult to track down a few Norns, but I believe that everyone should have been caught on camera! Find your favorite in this surprisingly semi-short video… Consider it a bit of a transition into the new Discover Albia feature, the Creatures Hive. The first of that video series should be up within the next several days! Who knows: Artemiidae might even get a few more video updates throughout the generations. I’m sure there will be plenty of activity to report on from the underwater realm!

Artemiidae and Creatures: An Underwater World

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