The Power of Toys and a C1 Carrot

A Grendel and His Long Lost HappinessThere was some concern over whether Dahloi would find happiness, but all it took was a bouncy ball! Perhaps it took him back to his childhood memories, when everyone was playing with toys. Nothing to worry about with this Grendel anymore! My only slight concern was whether I set his half life value too high for the aging chemical, since that would mean a lonely existence once the Norns were gone. That was still hours upon hours away, though, so I took it all in and just enjoyed the moment with Dahloi! He was back to being happy again, and I hoped that feeling would last him a very long time. All I needed to remember was to bring along the ball!

An Interesting Way to Move Around C1Meanwhile, Pfeffablel found a very interesting way to get around Albia: A carrot! She used it to direct the underground cart. Granted, she had a 50% shot at getting it correct, so it wasn’t that amazing! Still, I laughed a little bit at her silly pose and how she really believed in the power of the carrot. The rest of my Norns were off on their own, doing some rather uninteresting Norn things. Pfeffablel was the only one who earned mention of her activities! The end of each generation often comes with its stale moments, although I’m sure this group will have some entertaining updates! At least Pfeffablel will with that carrot compass…

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