A Tragic Grendel Death in Artemiidae

The Tragic End to a Lovely Artemia GrendelLife in my C3/DS underwater world, Artemiidae, has been bustling lately! The last video chapter started to bring out the personalities of some Norns and Grendels. Despite the excitement around a new chapter, it began with a tragic moment: The wonderful Artemia Grendel who traveled between metarooms and was nothing but friendly to the Norns passed away. Of all the ways to go, it was via excessive slapping from several male Colortrue Pearl Mermaid Norns. Their names have been noted, and I’m not at all happy with them. Artemia Sea was a very peaceful place up until this point, and this was the first violent death outside of the Banshee Hydrolisks. Farewell, Striated Berycidae.

Bright and Colorful Norns in the Deep AbyssOn a more positive note, this chapter followed the lives of the ever-maturing population, which meant that there were some new appearances! In particular, I found a very vibrant mix between a Colortrue Pearl Mermaid Norn and Coral Reef ChiChi Norn in the Deep Abyss. What a handsome fellow! Although I didn’t note it in the video, he actually has two tails that don’t look all too bad. It’s been fun seeing what sorts of mixes are possible, and I’m sure we’ll have some more surprises in store as this generation continues to grow up! Hopefully this video has some redeeming qualities after the opening sadness. Enjoy watching!

Creatures of Artemiidae: Chapter 8

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