Surfacing and Diving with the Norns of Artemiidae

A Colortrue Pearl Mermaid Norn at the SurfaceThe C3/DS world of Artemiidae was vast, yet one of my Colortrue Pearl Mermaid Norns decided to test out one uncharted frontier: The surface! Granted, she couldn’t exactly do much of anything, yet she let her brightly colored tail test the air for the first time. I could just imagine what a Norn on the shore might think if he or she saw such a strange sight! Many of the others were crowded at the bottom of Artemia Sea, so it was nice to see someone break off for a change. Actually, everyone was doing very well in terms of spreading out… Except for a couple of Norns who decided that it was their mission to overpopulate the next generation. At least I had a much better system going on with hatching and exporting, rather than my initial egg collection plan that quickly went awry.

A Strange Way to Die in Creatures Docking StationProbably the best pair within the world were my Artemia Grendels, who started out in a rather strange way! Sadly, I saw a death notification pop up for Checked Icosteidae. He was surrounded by food, yet he died of malnutrition and starvation. Perhaps that long fall when he was still in his egg really did something! As a fitting tribute, Periwinkle Soleidae was right there with him at the end. It was rather strange that something very similar happened to my Banshee Hydrolisks with the death of the male. An underwater conspiracy?

Swimming About with a Puffer FishOut of the egg layer popped a new Artemia Grendel, who would ensure that the breed didn’t die out early on! Yellow Ternetzi took to the water immediately, swimming around and chasing after anything that moved. It looked like he might fit in well with the more established female! I hoped that this was the end of the early deaths of the Grendels. Every other breed was all set with at least two males and two females. There was a good chance that some members of the next generation would be moving in upon any other untimely deaths, though. At least that part of the world concept was intact!

More Underwater Migratory Patterns of NornsSeveral Norns had already traveled through the teleporter from Artemia Sea into the Deep Abyss, which opened up many more possibilities for mixed breeds. Pale Cyematidae was one unique Colortrue Pearl Mermaid Norn who still had not chosen that special someone to have an egg with. Perhaps she was just biding her time for the perfect moment! She decided to migrate to the Deep Abyss, in the hopes that she would be able to make a new life for herself. I certainly hoped that she found exactly what she was looking for: It would be a shame to lose her bright pink pigments from the gene pool. There was still plenty of time for her to settle in, though!

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