A Creatures Journey Into the Deep Abyss

Traveling to Another Population of NornsSetting up Artemiidae was no easy task, and I went through several rounds of testing to make sure that the different breeds would mix. One of the biggest barriers was the way in which I made it rather difficult to travel between metarooms. As evidenced in this picture, though, it wasn’t entirely impossible! While I was busy tending to my massive store of eggs, one of my Colortrue Pearl Mermaid Norns found his way into the Deep Abyss. Those who read this world’s back story might understand how important a swimming species is to the Coral Reef ChiChi Norns. They’re the lone species who can’t swim, and are thus limited to the bottom level of the Deep Abyss.

The End of a Banshee HydroliskAs two breeds mixed together, I was saddened by the unexpected death of one of my Banshee Hydrolisks. Although known for their violent and often fatal tendencies, I wasn’t expecting Opalescent Striata to take the life of her partner. This left me with the decision to introduce the second generation babies, which would be directly related to her, or a new first generation Banshee Hydrolisk. I opted for the latter, and adopted the rule that each breed would need to have at least one male and female in the world at any one time. This would be amended slightly in future generations, yet it seemed reasonable for now.

Continuing on a Grendel BreedIt wasn’t exactly a lovely first encounter, but the Banshee Hydrolisks were no longer in danger of going extinct! I had a little laugh at the name of the new male: Lavender Spinachia. It didn’t exactly suit him, except that it reminded me a bit of spinach… Which, I guess, was somewhat correct with his green coloring. My goal is still to have a very hands-off approach in Artemiidae, yet I also want to make sure that none of the starting breeds disappear before they’re given the chance to expand. My Grendels were very conservative when it came to building their families. The Norns, on the other hand, had me bouncing around hatching and exporting all of the babies! Between everyone, there were already an astounding 36 babies. After just about two hours. Yikes! The Banshee Hydrolisks certainly needed to stick around.

Underwater Migration in CreaturesThe aquarium feel to Artemiidae allowed me to just sit and observe the world for a short time, which was a nice break. One of my Reef Gliders, Platinum Tropheus, was very solitary and I worried that she would be alone forever. She patrolled the waters of Artemia Sea right around the teleporter into the Deep Abyss, so I expected her to make the journey at some point. She took a long time to work up the courage, but she made it! And so the Coral Reef ChiChi Norns had the chance to produce mixed offspring who might be able to swim out of the Deep Abyss into Artemia Sea!

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