Hatching the Grendels of Artemiidae

A Newborn Grendel and Her Egg FriendThere are experiences in Creatures that one will never forget. Sometimes they’re serious, other times they embody the very spirit of hilarity. As Artemiidae forged forward, I met one very memorable Grendel! Periwinkle Soleidae hatched near the very top of Artemia Sea. Being one of Grendel Man’s Artemia Grendels, she was able to swim right after hatching. The nice thing about these aquatic Grendels is that they can coexist with Norns: I’ve never noticed any overt violence between the species. Adding to her friendly nature, this little Grendel decided to pick up her soon-to-be partner’s egg and parade around with it. Maybe it wasn’t the funniest thing to happen in Creatures, yet I was giggling and having a great time watching her! She even let the egg feel the air above the water.

The Great Descent in Creatures Docking StationPeriwinkle Soleidae swam around with the egg for a decent bit of time, but she finally found something more interesting. She reached out for something to eat, and the egg floated down to the bottom of Artemiidae. Floated was actually incorrect: That thing sunk to the bottom like a cement block! Luckily, eggs are indestructible, and this one was unharmed. Some may wonder why I would bring Grendels into this world, owing to the tendencies of C3/DS Grendels to be extremely violent. Artemia Grendels, however, are far from dangerous. I also added in the Creatures Crossbreeding Script to add that final element of surprise to this world. Will there be Norn-Grendel mixes swimming about? Most likely not, yet the rare possibility exists. I had already been surprised a few times, though.

Face to Face with a Creatures SharkShortly thereafter, my second and final Artemia Grendel hatched: Checked Icosteidae. Whereas his matching counterpart started off life in a safe area, he found himself face to face with a shark! There really wasn’t any danger to him, although it looked like he was pretty surprised to see it swimming right at him. Both went on their merry ways, while Periwinkle Soleidae swam all over creation like a maniac. She was certainly active!

A Grendel Danger in ArtemiidaeI hinted at a few dangers in the Artemiidae story, and they soon hatched. Although they may look pretty, Grendel Man’s Banshee Hydrolisks have a very dangerous nature. They eat critters, and also gain nutrition from hitting other Creatures. Can they be fatal? Most definitely. Purple Temmincki and Opalescent Striata represent a very grave danger to Artemiidae. However, pay careful attention to the recent video showcasing this world: The Banshee Hydrolisks must travel a ways to reach any Norns. My test proved that this happened, but only on rare occasions. Everyone should be safe… For the time being. Like every underwater realm, even Artemiidae has its threats. How will it all play out? We’ll just have to see as time goes on!

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