Diving Into Chapter Six of Artemiidae

A Joyful Norn Mix in Creatures Docking StationThe way that worlds can be paused for any amount of time has always been one of my favorite features of Creatures, and it worked for Artemiidae! I hadn’t realized that the last chapter was posted nearly a month ago. My goodness! Life certainly has been busy, yet knowing that I didn’t miss anything in the lives of my Norns and Grendels made the transition back to playing much easier. I even spotted some funny mixes in the population, like Magenta Severum! Jump back into this world again with the latest chapter. Apologies for my silence lately: I’ve had very limited free time for Creatures. New posts should return to a normal schedule within a few weeks, though!

Swimming with a Grendel in ArtemiidaeOne of the best parts of an aquatic or underwater world is being able to watch everyone swim about. Many of the second generation Norns are still too young to find their fins, so to speak! I can’t wait to see what the world looks like when those who can swim mature into adults. Likely the next chapter will take place after I’ve played for a short time offline, just so we can see some more activity! With my luck, though, that will equate to a massive production of eggs. Remember how friendly the last generation was? I can only imagine what chaos will ensue with this group!

Creatures of Artemiidae: Chapter 6

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